Saturday, July 23, 2016

What is that music on your stream?
The music that plays during the actual episodes is a mixture from several sources. We almost exclusively use video game soundtracks and movie soundtracks, because they tend to have a very even "energy" across the entire song and loop well. We do not key in specific music for fight scenes or whatever, we usually try to keep our music generic and tranquil just to keep a mood set during our games. We also have a program that we use called Syrinscape which plays various scene music. It is a lot easier if you just go research Syrinscape here and see for yourselves.

How long have you been playing?
Two of the members of our group have been playing D&D since it was released 100 years ago, well not quite a 100 years ago but since it released as Basic D&D. These two players, James and Wendell never went past 2nd edition rules. The other other members have played for a while, unsure of the exact number of years but they have played most editions and can easily play any edition.

What edition are you playing of different games?
We play Classic Dungeons and Dragons with "some" house rules. We run Unearthed Arcana alongside with a splash of 2nd edition rules for spells and magical items. For our other games we usually play the standard rules for each of them

Is there a list of characters?
Of course! The campaign we are currently on is located in the links section under the Journals link.

What equipment do you use?

  • Dedicated Alienware laptop used for 100% Streaming only!
  • Alesis MultiMix 8 Channel USB FX Mixer
  • 4x Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone with 3x Samson SP01 Shockmount Spider Mount for Condenser Mics
  • 4x GLS Audio 25 foot Mic Cable Patch Cords
  • 4x On Stage DS7200B Adjustable Black Desk Microphone Stand
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone
  • Nady SSPF-4 Spider Shockmount with Integrated Pop Filter
  • Logitech Webcam C930e 1080p HD Webcam
  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam
  • 5 Pack - Black Foam Microphone Windscreens
  • Avenger A2033LKIT Steel 40-Inch Sliding Leg C-Stand with Grip Kit
  • Manfrotto 196B-2 143BKT 2-Section Single Articulated Arm with Camera Bracket
  • Where are you located?
    Our live tabletop group is located in Waycross Georgia. It's very very down South *winks* but our online groups are all over the world.

    What campaign are you playing?
    We play all various types of RPG's, you can click the links to Journals and Current Campaigns to find out exactly where we are gaming at, at any time.

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