Friday, August 12, 2016

Adventure Progression Update

Finally! Direction has been found. Work has begun on our new campaign setting adventure and with the help from the "1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Facebook Group" we now know the epic storyline that will be put together.
The adventure will begin in the quiet Village of Hommlet and if you play AD&D then you know where this storyline leads. The adventure will progression as the module has it progressing with the players moving to the Moathouse. This sets up the entire adventure for the players to gain sufficient levels to survive within the Temple of Elemental Evil.
Work will begin soon preparing this epic adventure and I hope the players find as much enjoyment playing in it as I have in creating it. At this time I do not have a starting date for all of this to begin. I still have tons and tons of work left to do with this but as I work on this I will make sure to get all the latest news posted to this Blog. The world map can be located here if you would like to see our work so far. If you want to talk with us outside of this Blog, we have a Facebook group located here. We also encourage all of you to log into your Google accounts and leave us a message here on this Blog as well. Thanks for hanging with us through our ups and downs. More to come soon.

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