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Core Woshippers: Humans
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Title: The Uncaring, Lord of All Magic, Archmage of the Deities
Power Skills: Dimensions, Divination, Warding
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Foresight, Balance

Holy Symbol: Eye Balanced on a Pedestal Inside a Pentagram

“Seek balance at the center of the opposing forces of the universe, for at the nexus of all things is magic. Those who seek to master magic rather than become a part of it are doomed to upset the balance and must be destroyed.”

Boccob (BOK-kob) is usually portrayed as a middle aged man with white hair who wears purple robes. He is known to carry the very first staff of the magi with him at all times. In addition, he knows every spell ever created and can travel to any time and dimension. He is the possessor of the only magical library that contains a copy of every potion, spell, and magic item in existence. Boccob is distant from all other gods save his servant, Zagyg.

Boccob is well known throughout the Flanaess. His clergy oversees the maintenance of magic’s existence on Oerth, and is interested in the creation of new magic items and spells. They fear that magic is declining and will eventually fade away. They combat this effect, suspecting that Tharizdun is responsible.

Churches are protected from outside interference, and the individuals within devote most of their time to research, particularly to prophecies, which they guard carefully lest they fall into the wrong hands. Boccob favors tall, round towers for his temples which are usually located in urban areas and house extensive libraries. Almost all have colleges for the study of both divine and arcane magic. Visitors are as likely to meet wizards as clerics inside. Most Boccobian temples provide magical item identification and a number of divinations to the public. Most are also well equipped with various saying devices and defenses. Visitors to a temple of Boccob usually get a cool greeting at best and are never truly welcomed unless they have some unusual magic item to offer for examination, or money to spend on spells, magic items, or information. Clergy remain aloof from worldly affairs and devote themselves to magical research and to formulating prophecies. They share their knowledge of the future only sparingly, lest someone get the upper hand and upset the balance. Boccob’s clergy actively create magic items

Clerics of Boccob create and study magic and divine the future. When they do leave their churches, it is to root out rumors of lost magic items or spells, or to defend a magical place or item from destruction. Boccob’s clerics favor purple garments with gold trim; many are cleric/wizards or cleric/sorcerers. Most of Boccob’s clerics keep busy rooting out bits of magical lore, recovering lost magical items and investigating mysteries. They adamantly oppose any attempt to destroy a magic item or any magical place.

Extremism in ethos is frowned upon, so clerics of Boccob seek a distant, balanced view toward governments and people. Boccob’s clerics are always alert for signs of magical aptitude among youngsters, and they offer education to any youth they deem worthy of the privilege, regardless of social class or background.

Clerics of Boccob almost always learn their prayers and sacraments in a classroom at a major temple-college. Anything that involves powerful magic involves the followers of Boccob. Followers celebrate powerful magic in all its forms, performing ceremonies when a magic item is made or a new spell discovered. Many powerful followers make pilgrimages to other planes to see magic in action and learn how these outer planes affect the prime material plane.

Prayers to Boccob have remarkably florid language. One common one begins, “Hail and respect greet you, Boccob, Master of Magic, All-Seeing, All-Potent Revealer of Mysteries Beyond Compare . Whose Perspicacity knows no boundaries, most puissant protector of the eldritch realms, both known and unknown . . .”

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