Monday, August 22, 2016

The Local Color of Eveningstar
Aside from its pastoral beauty, Eveningstar is unremarkable among prosperous farming settlements in the Heartlands of the Realms.

A typical Evenor home is constructed of fieldstone with a thatched or slate roof and a dirt cellar. An upper floor, if any (there is rarely more than one), is built of rock, stone or timber, covered with stucco against the weather. Farmhouses rarely have upper floors. Instead, they are dug into the earth to escape the worst of the winter winds. These living spaces sprawl over a larger area, with rooms tunnelled into the earth like a giant rabbit warren.

An Evenor shop is constructed like a house, except that its lower floor has large windows with wooden shutters, and the upper floor is divided into smaller, rented rooms, which share a wooden balcony (and outside stairs, roofed against winter snows) to the rear.

Eveningstar is known for it's peacefulness & tranquility and is world renowned as a restful place for adventurers to retire and start a family.

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