Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Core Woshippers: Halflings
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Title: The Protector and Provider
Power Skills: Family, Good, Halfling, Law, Protection
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Protection Bounty Halflings Children Security Leadership Wisdom Creation Family Tradition
Holy Symbol: Fruit Basket

"Those who seek to live in accordance with the way of the Provider will be blessed with a cornucopia of riches. Seek peace and comfort, for a life lived with both is true wealth. Although violence should never be welcomed, the Protector's aegis will extend to those willing to fiercely defend their home and community. Lead through example, and know the activities of those you lead so that you can help shoulder their burdens when need be. Treasure your family, for your parents gave you life and your children are your future. Care for the aged and the weak, for you never know when you may be one of the strong laid low."

Yondalla (pronounced yon-dah-lah) was the creator of the halfling race and matriarch of not only the halfling pantheon, but the whole race itself. With her charming personality and friendly demeanor she was an example to all halflings; who almost all shared her curiosity, loyalty and sense of mischief.

Despite her widespread worship among halflings and her central role in their society; her temples were unusually rare, those that did exist were designed to look like a well-hidden halfling burrow-home and were filled with weapons and food so that the communities that surrounded them could hold out against possible invaders. Her clergy were afforded a lot of respect by the followers of other gods for their defensive capabilities in spite of their small stature.

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