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Core Woshippers: Evil
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Title: The Nightmare God
Power Skills: Disease, Illusions, Mind Control
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Plagues, Sickness, Famine, Nightmares, Drought, and Disasters
Holy Symbol: Green Eye with Red Diamond

Incabulos is the god of plagues, sickness, famine, nightmares, drought, and disasters. His unholy symbol is the magic icon called the "Eye of Possession," a green eye in a red diamond.

Incabulos's appearance is said to be absolutely terrifying: appearing to be some form of undead knight, having skeletal hands, and a face from the worst nightmare. His skin is tinged a diseased blue. His midnight black full plate armor is lined with sickly orange and trimmed in moss green. He rides a nightmare and is accompanied by night hags, likewise mounted, or hordlings (but not both). Any who meet his eyes are stricken by nightmares, and he carries a staff that causes seeping wounds and withers flesh.

Incabulos hates all other gods except for Nerull, the death-god who finishes the work Incabulos starts. Incabulos regards him with total indifference. Since he is the bringer of plagues, famine, and drought, and because of the immense joy he gets from the suffering these things bring, he is feared by even the Demon Princes of the Abyss and the ArchDevils of Baator themselves.

Incabulos's realm, known as Charnelhouse, is located on the first layer of the Gray Waste, Oinos. The whole realm stinks of corpses, and those who enter it find their deepest fears coming to life. Incabulos delights in and feeds on suffering, gaining power from illness, famine, nightmares, and other evils and woes. While some attempt to placate the Evilsent with prayers, this only delays the inevitable.

Incabulos has only a small following, but common folk throughout the realms give him offerings, usually foul-smelling, guttering black candles, in a vain attempt to appease him or avoid his wrath. More vile individuals will venerate the Black Rider for his power and evil. Clerics of Incabulos are secretive and paranoid, fearing persecution by those who value their health and well-being. If they reveal themselves, it is only to strike greater fear in those already suffering. They enjoy torturing others and spreading disease and blight. They travel to lands to discover new diseases or to spread them. They wear garb of black and orange.

Services to Incabulos feature weird humming and droning chants in near darkness lit only by fat, black, smoky candles. Followers celebrate various iniquities with their clerics and pray for more evils to enter the world. All vessels used in their unholy rituals are made of bloodstone, carnelian, or old bronze. Temples of the Evilsent are hidden underground or in isolated, desolate regions.

Long ago, Incabulos cursed a tribe of hill giants, created the diseased, pestilent race of rot giants.

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