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Lightfoot Halfings

The Lightfoot Halfling (Hin) is commonly known among the folk of Realms. They are a widely travelled and numerous race of short folk. Lightfoot Halflings are the native Halflings of the Realms, as they no longer have an actual homeland due to the events of the Sundering "War among the Gods". When the gods fought amongst themselves the Lightfoot Halflings homeland was destroyed when the realms were divided. Now the "Hin" are wanderers of the Realms which has in turn turned them into light hearted explorers always seeking out an adventure.

Most Lightfoot Hin family ancestry can no longer be traced back to it's roots when their race claimed one of the largest cities in the Realms. Following the events of the Sundering the majority of the Lightfoot Hin departed and scattered to all corners of the Realms. The Lightfoot Halflings are around 3 feet in height and weigh around 30-35 pounds on average. The skin tends to be ruddy but the tone complexion can reach from pale into dark brown color. Their eyes are usually brown and their hair usually consists of either brown and black colors. Blue and green eyes are known to occur among the Hin and same can be said about blond or red hair. A Hin child born with a mane of red is believed to be Blessed by Yondalla, though these tend to be more uncommon cases as with the brown eyes and dark hair. The Lightfoot tend to prefer simplistic, comfortable and practical outfits over anything fancy. They reach adulthood at the age of 50 and generally can live up to 150 years.

Describing the typical individual Hin is close to impossible, like Humans in their personality and outlook. Parts of the Hin scattered across the world might have adopted the views and beliefs of the world which are very close or identical to that of the Human community they dwell within, others keep a more distinctive view which separates them from other races. They tend to be over curious about everything which tends to get them into trouble. They have learned over the years to live each day to its fullest and enjoy each experience as it happens.

Racial Features

Ability Adjustment: +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength.

Size: Small

Special Traits:

  • Skill Affinity (Move Silently): +2 racial bonus on move silently checks.
  • Skill Affinity (Listen): +2 racial bonus on listen checks.
  • Lucky: +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.
  • Fearless: +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear (this bonus stacks with the halfling's +1 racial bonus on all saving throws).
  • Good Aim: +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons, slings & "small" Bows.
  • Dark Vision: Accustomed to the darkness of twilight, they have superior vision in the dark and dim conditions. Hin can see in dim light within 60 of them as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. They can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
  • Speed: Base walking speed is 25 feet.
  • Imitation: Can imitate the sounds of nature such as a bird's call or a cricket's chirping, additionally Lightfoot have advantage when impersonating someone's voice.

The Lightfoot Hin has spread widely into every corner of the Realms and thus can be found almost anywhere. One can almost certainly expect to meet a Hin at some point in their travels in the world as the Lightfoot Hin often turn to the life of an adventurer or a wanderer. Many of them keep the tradition of the ancestors, where they continue to move from region to region, wandering into new regions of the world they've never seen before.

Hins tend to exist in various professions and classes. The favored class of a Lightfoot Halfling is Rogue and they make exceedingly good thieves and spies as their small stature helps them go unnoticed. They tend to make extremely good light-armoured and sneaky characters so some of them might choose the path of a, Swashbuckler, Ranger or Scout. Still, not all among the shortfolk are the sneaky type. Many of the Hins tend to be fascinated by magic (and magical items) and some of them might choose the path of a Sorcerer however a Wizard tends to be more of a uncommon choice as most of them don't have the discipline needed for such studies. However, in some cases these Hins stick to their militant tradition and become Fighters, though that is perhaps not the most practical option as their size and strength tends be a hindrance in many cases. Others take the path of a Cleric mostly following the teachings of Yondalla, although more uncommonly some of them choose to praise a non-halfling deity. Very few Halflings will ever become a Paladin.

Lightfoot Halfling Class Limits

  • Warrior: 5*
  • Barbarian: 10**
  • Ranger: 18
  • Thief: 18
  • Thief/Acrobat: 18
  • Cleric: 6
  • Druid: 10
  • Paladin: 11
  • Wizard: 6***

Lightfoot Halfling Multi-Class Limits

  • Fighter/Thief: (Fighter Max Level 5) / (Thief Max Level Unlimited)
  • Mage/Thief: (Mage Max Level 6) / (Thief Max Level Unlimited)
  • Fighter/Cleric: (Fighter Max Level 5) / (Cleric Max Level 6)

* Lightfoot Halflings who somehow gain 17 strength can reach 6th level; those who manage to get 18 strength can become 8th level Warriors.
** Lightfoot Halflings who somehow gain 17 strength can reach 11th level; those who manage to get 18 strength can become 13th level Barbarians.
*** Lightfoot Halflings who somehow gain 17 intelligence can reach 7th level; those who manage to get 18 intelligence can become 9th level Wizards.

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