Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Core Woshippers: Evil Humans, Nonhuman Aberrations such as Aboleths, Neogi, and Grell.
Rank: Intermediate God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Title: The Dark God
Power Skills: Chaos, Destruction, Dream, Evil, Force, Knowledge, Madness, Rune, Trickery
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, Insanity, Cold
Holy Symbol: Black Sun with Variegated Rays

Tharizdun is described as a pitch-black, roiling, amorphous form. As the Dark God, he is described as an incorporeal wraithform, black and faceless. he has also been described as a "primordial deity, that of matter at rest and decay of energy, viz. entropy." It has also been said Tharizdun assumes forms of gigantic tentacle like creatures as well.

Tharizdun is sometimes worshiped as an entity called the Elder Elemental God, but few of these worshipers recognize this entity. The Elder Elemental God is described as a huge, mottled, tentacled being, or as a pillar of vast elemental force with a body of burning magma, radiating steam. It is believed that Tharizdun has no allies, given his desire to destroy the entire universe. Tharizdun's doctrine is to destroy all and everything encountered.

Tharizdun has been imprisoned by the Gods themselves simply because he had become too powerful and was on the verge of destroying the world. Currently he lies imprisoned in the ocean between the two major continents in what has been named "Heavens Maelstrom". Should he ever escape from his prison, it is thought that even the most evil of deities would work with their good counterparts to return Tharizdun to his prison. However, the Dark God has been known to work his will secretly by employing various demons (with or without their knowledge) to do his bidding. Examples of fiends so used include Iuz and Zuggtmoy, and the Princes of Elemental Evil.

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