Sunday, August 14, 2016

1. Humanoid Level Restrictions: We do not use these. We do however abide by the 1st edition hardback book "Greyhawk Adventures" where it says "Those few individuals who remain in the world beyond 18th level do so either by special permission of the gods or by unnatural means. The priviledged few include very notable figures within the Flaeness. The rule is that PCs who wish to remain in Greyhawk must forfeit any advancement beyond 18th level regardless of class if they advance beyond that, the gods remove them from Oerth."

2. Spell Bonus: In 1st edition D&D Clerics are allowed a spell bonus for the beginning spell levels depending on how high there Wisdom is. Over many years of gaming, our group has seen how hard it is for Wizards to help there party with no bonus spells. Just casting a single spell at level 1 per day just sucks. We now use the Cleric rule where Wizards go by the same exact chart Clerics go by but for Wizards it is decided by how high there Intelligence is. We have seen throughout the years of running this house rule that it does not affect or over balance game play at lower levels in any way and has worked out fine since we started using this rule.

3. Stats Rolling: This isn't a so called House Rule as one might know it, but every group has there own ways of rolling character stats. Some roll 3 six sided and keep whats rolled, some roll 4 six sided and reroll all ones. Our rule we use is we roll 4 six sided, reroll all 1's, and drop the lowest, keeping the 3 highest 6 sided dice for that stat. Yea it kills sucky stats, but we believe that players will play better if there character does not "suck" and we have not had problems with characters getting a set of "GOD STATS". Sure every now and then someone gets a higher than normal set of stats but this is not happening often with us.

4. Level One Hit Points: We give all level 1 characters max hitpoints. This is done "only" for level 1. This gives the characters a fighting chance, especially the Wizard who could easily have 2-3 hit points. Yea I know, it is babying them at level. We try to make sure our players have a good time and not worry about tripping and taking lethal damage from a pebble. From level 2 and higher, hit points are rolled normal.

5. Going With Whats Best: We have a select few things that are either from 1st edition or Unearthed Arcana and even 2nd edition that is better than the other. We use the better version. I am a firm believer that the players deserve to have the better rulings on things to help them survive just a little longer in the adventures. Such as Rangers in 1st edition start at level 1 with 2n8 for dice rolling on hit points, so it is doubled and as we use level 1 max hit points 2d8 + if they have an 18 constitution that gives +4 which is doubled the Ranger can max at 24 hit points at level 1 lol seems a little overpowered but we do it anyways.

6. This Ain't Your Standard D&D: A lot of things we do might not be canon with specified rulings from the books, at times if a player does something I may just tell them to roll a d20 and say well if they roll a 12 or higher they can do it sort of thing. We are not rules lawyers, we like to enjoy the game, but do not get me wrong, the games I DM are not easy mode for the players by no means, we just do things different every now and then.

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