Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Core Woshippers: Evil
Rank: Intermediate God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Title: The Unlooked For
Power Skills: Flux, Force, Illusion, Mind, Spiritual
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, Luck
Holy Symbol: Three Sticks of Bone

The prophet of chance and madness, a warning that striving can go wrong but also a temptation to find the grain of truth in madness. He has no mosques and few shrines.

Ralishaz (RAL-ih-shaz) is ever-changing (hideous to beautiful, female to male), but he usually appears as an oddly dressed beggar. He carries nothing but his wooden staff; his holy symbol is three sticks of bone, derived from divination and gambling tools, He rewards or punishes those that rely on chance or take great risks, seemingly at random. He is the god of insanity; many debate whether his appearance and whims are truly random or just madness. He shuns other gods, although he does not seem to be hateful of them.

Order does not exist, only randomness and chance, and the odds are stacked against you. While you may have a good run against the odds, eventually the universe will balance itself out against you. Randomness and insanity go hand in hand, and sometimes those who are the most insane are the ones who are closest to the true nature of the universe. Kindness and prosperity are illusions, as misfortune comes to all sooner or later.

Clerics of Ralishaz are a curious combination of fatalism and recklessness, stoicism and wild endeavor, depending upon how they feel their place is in the world at that moment. They live charmed lives, although when misfortune hits them it hits hard. They preside over places of gambling, although most patrons are unsure if their presence wards off bad luck or draws it. They travel when their divinations indicate they should, or at the roll of a die. They are often mean-minded or cruel, not seeing the point of friendliness to someone who will eventually be cursed by bad luck.

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