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Core Woshippers: Humans, Dwarf
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Title: The Serene God
Power Skills: Dominate, Fate, Life
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: God of Peace, Reason & Serenity
Holy Symbol: White Heart of Wood or Metal

The serene god, Rao is a human god, the son of Pelor. He is the god of reason, peace, and law. He is the first medicine-man and the oft-ignored adviser of Obad-Hai. Dwarfs name him Dumathoin the lord of secrets. His sponsored godlings pursue different aspects of his portfolio – the most famous is Vecna, the lord of evil secrets. As Delleb he is the god of intellect and study. As Pholus he is the god of law and by extension of rulership, a strict disciplinarian.

Rao (RAH-oh) is shown as an old man with dark skin, white hair, slender hands, and a serene smile. Any time an offering of peace is made, Rao grows a day younger. Although he never intervenes directly with mortals, Rao is the creator of several artifacts of good, particularly the Crook of Rao. He is a dedicated foe of Iuz, and is otherwise friendly with all other beings. He can cause any aggressive being to relax into an agreeable calmness with a glance, having thwarted even Nerull with this power in the past. His holy symbol is a white heart of wood or metal, or a heart-shaped mask with a calm expression.

Reason is the greatest gift. It leads to discourse, which leads to peace, which leads to serenity. If all could be convinced to reason with each other, the world would enjoy the harmony of benign order. Some refuse to use reason and instead resort to violence, at which time action—governed by reason and wisdom—is required to counteract their deeds and restore peace.

His clerics pursue knowledge, paths of logical thought, theology, and introspective meditation. They prefer peaceful means over violence, but are not above using force when their arguments are ignored or the bastions of reason are threatened. They search for new schools of thinking, fabled locales of calmness and quietude, powerful magic to use in the cause of Law and Good.

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