Thursday, August 18, 2016

Corellon Larethian
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Core Woshippers: All Elves
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Title: Ruler of All Elves
Power Skills: Arcana, Skill, Wilderness
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Arts, Bards, Crafts, Elven High Magic, Elven Magic, Magic, Music, Poetry, Poets, War, Warriors
Holy Symbol: Golden Bow

"The elves are sculptors and wardens of magic's endless mysteries. Bring forth the beauty that envelops and lets the spirit gambol unfettered. Seek out new experiences and new ways. Ward against those that would destroy what they cannot create. Commune with the natural and mystical world. Be ever vigilant against the return of the banished darkness, and be strong in heart against the corruption of the Spider Queen."

Corellon or more fully Corellon Larethian, whose titles included Creator of the Elves and the Protector, was the patron god of all fey. He is the creator and preserver of the Elves, governing those things held in the highest esteem among fey and elves, such as magic, music, arts, crafts, poetry, and warfare. Corellon lives in the realm of Arvandor. He approved of those who killed orcs and followers of Lolth, blessed those who aided others and became angered at those who defiled the dead, or fled from their foes.

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