Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wee Jas
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Core Woshippers: Wizards, Necromancers
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Title: The Witch Goddess
Power Skills: Death, Domination, Inquisition, Law, Magic, Mind, Repose
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Death, Magic, Vanity (Love), Law
Holy Symbol: Red Skull

Wee Jas always appears as a highly attractive human female; other than that, details of her appearance vary wildly. It has been suggested that she could appear as another humanoid race if she wanted to, and that her appearance varies by what her followers in the area would consider most attractive. Wee Jas normally wears her holy symbol as a piece of jewelry. Wee Jas has two realms in Acheron, in Tintibulus (called the Patterned Web) and in Ocanthus (called the Cabal Macabre).

Wee Jas thinks of herself as a steward of the dead. Though she is a relatively benign death goddess, she has no problem with undead being created - as long as they are not reanimated against their will, and their remains are procured in a lawful manner. Wee Jas is unconcerned with questions of morality; if it can be done within the confines of the law, she will allow it. Jasidan priests teach that magic is the key to all things. Jasidan are expected to show respect towards their predecessors and the departed. Scriptures The Abominable Devastation. This is a short text considered heretical by most of the Jasidin church. The White book. This tome, over a hundred pages long, explains in a detailed manner the funerary customs of her followers. Its rites and prayers, which differ according to a corpse's former status in life, can be used to prevent a spirit from rising as one of the undead.

Followers of Wee Jas are known as Jasidin. Wee Jas is especially popular with Suel wizards and sorcerers, and many necromancers revere her. As a death goddess, more people look to her for safe passage into the afterlife than harsher deities like Nerull. She is also honored by those involved with upholding and interpreting laws (judges, magistrates, justicars, etcetera), and is sometimes even revered as a love goddess.


  1. Awesome. One of my favorite Goddesses!

    1. Mine too but mind you, this is a home brew setting and these Greyhawk gods may not be like they were in Greyhawk. I already changed several of them plus some others will have different paths than they did in Greyhawk. Glad you stopped by though, thank you. The adventure should start in the near future.