Friday, August 5, 2016

The Lost Tomb of Zenopus

Campaign Information
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Thirty years ago the dark Wizard Zenopus built a tower in the mountains overlooking the Village of Eveningstar. The tower was built into the mountain side, north of Eveningstar itself and appropriately next to an ancient abandoned graveyard. Rumor has it that the Wizard made extensive cellars and tunnels underneath the tower and Zenopus was said to have excavated in his cellars in search of ancient treasures.

Five years ago, on a cold winters night, the wizard's tower was suddenly engulfed in a green flame. Several of the wizards human servants were said to have escaped the tower, saying there master had been destroyed by some powerful force that he had unleashed in the depths of the tower. Needless to say, the tower stood vacant for a while after this, but the residents of Eveningstar along with the night watchmen complained that ghostly blue lights had started appearing in the tower windows at night, that ghastly screams could be heard emanating from the tower at all hours, and goblin figures could be seen dancing on the tower roof in the moonlight. Finally the authorities had a catapult rolled through the streets of Eveningstar and the tower was battered to rubble. This stopped the hauntings but the townsfolk continue to shun the ruins.

The entrance to the old dungeons was located by an adventuring group a little over week ago but they have not been heard from since. The only trip the heroes made back to Eveningstar to resupply themselves described the entrance as a naturally formed opening into the mountain itself. Little else is known about this strange tomb and its entrance.

Other wizards have since moved into the village but the site of the old tower remains abandoned. Whispered tales are told of fabulous treasure and unspeakable monsters in the underground passages below the hilltop, and the story tellers are always careful to point out that the reputed dungeons lie in close proximity to an ancient graveyard.

The small but beautiful community of Eveningstar was founded years ago, roughly a few years after the city of Gateway. The village is more of a crossroads than anything else, lying south of the mountains, resting quietly northeast of the Darkenwood. Similar in many respects to Gateway itself, the major difference is that Eveningstar is a more quiet community of folks, everything seems a bit more personal where everyone mostly knows everyone else. Humans and non humans often seem to frequent this quiet town during there travels. A notable location for those looking for adventure or on there way to Gateway is the renowned Inn known as the "The Lonesome Tankard" which is where the companions have gathered to discuss the expedition into the maze of tunnels beneath the ruined location of the former wizards tower.
The Inn is quiet on this night with only a few other people sitting at various tables quietly enjoying there meals and beverages. With the coming winter which has already begun to settle in the region, there has been less traffic through Eveningstar than normal.

The companions have been residing in Eveningstar for several weeks, renting rooms at this very Inn while they have scouted this region, preparing for this adventure, into the ancient tunnels. After well over a week the companions decide the time had come to begin the journey into to the ruins of the Lost Tomb of Zenopus to seek out fame and fortune.

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  1. This adventure is still coming. We are still trying to get all the players set up. Have faith!