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Core Woshippers: Knights, Warriors of Good
Rank: Greater God
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Title: The Summoner
Power Skills: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Summoner, War
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, Self-Defense
Holy Symbol: Triskelion

"All deserve life and the ability to choose their own place in the world, and those who would place others in shackles or control them with oppressive laws must be toppled. Train the common fold to defend themselves and their property should another wish to take their freedoms. If you are wronged, you have the right to exact vengeance yourself, especially if none will help you."

Trithereon is depicted as a middle aged man with red-gold hair, tall and well-built, wearing Full Plate armor. He is armed with a broadsword called Krelestro, the Harbinger of Doom. Trithereon often appears with three summoned animals which serve him without question: Nemoud the Hound, Harrus the Falcon, and Carolk the Sea Lizard. He is able to call upon a magical Griffin named "Talon" at will as his mount who also serves him without question as well.

Trithereon is a foe of evil and oppression. His love of freedom sometimes causes him to come into conflict with other good deities, such as Pholtus and Heironeous. Trithereon's realm in the first layer of Arborea is called the Forking Road - it exists as part of every road on the layer, granting visitors a glimpse of the major paths in their lives.

Trithereon's clerics are rugged individualists, never afraid to question authority. Those in cities instruct commoners in self-defense and recruit like-minded rogues and rangers for the cause of individual liberty. Those in rural areas act as scouts or spies against despotic lords or murderous nonhumans. Both sorts keep close watch on Lawful religions lest they become too powerful. The Summoner's clerics travel far and wide in search of those in need of their help.

Those who venerate Trithereon strive for liberty for themselves and others. His clerics work fervently to end tyrannical regimes or free those in slavery. Followers of Trithereon must often travel in secrecy to avoid harassment from those in positions of power. It is said by some that no ruler ever feels entirely secure when a shrine to Trithereon lies within his borders.

The Knights of the Heart are closely linked with the church of Trithereon.

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