Monday, September 5, 2016

The Residents of Eveningstar
Description of what the average towns person of the village is like.

Evenor folk are friendly, easy-going, and peace-loving, with little desire to adventure or roam. They fear the evil said to lurk in the Dragonspine Mountains, and openly hate The Obsidian Syndicate "The Black Network" and others of violence, such as brigands and outlaws.

Evenor folk are proud of the realm to which they belong, and are by and large content with life as it is. They enjoy the news that caravans bring, but don't consider themselves lesser citizens than those of Gateway, Hommlet, or Eastport just because Eveningstar is small. They do enjoy a good scandal; gossip is the chief village sport.

Adventurers provide the chief local source of entertainment, not just by providing villagers with newcomers to bet on or speculate about, but by telling and retelling their exploits, from the destruction of Bandit Lords of the south to the death of Whisper, formerly of the The Black Network at the hands of the now famous Knights of Myth Drannon.

Stirring tales dominate many evenings at the Tankard, but Evenors take delight most when such deeds intersect their own, such as the unmasking and slaying of the evil Priestess some months back, the evil Black Network spy, who lived, know ye, right in Eveningstar!

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