Thursday, September 22, 2016

Eveningstar Trade

Eveningstar is rooted in a tradition of farming. The lands around it are all orchards and cultivated fields, and the doings of Evenor folk are determined by the demands of weather, seasons, and crops. They produce wool, wine, milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, mutton, carrots, beans, parsnips, and parchment.

The orchards of Eveningstar are limited to apple trees (clingapple and redsides; winters are too cold for other fruit trees to do well). Evenor produce is a staple of Gateway and even Eastport diets, from the fanciest nobles banquet to a farmer's bread, cheese, and beer lunch.

Evenor farmers grow food crops for trade, keep dairy cattle, and raise the shaggy-furred, long-horned sharrada (small, hardy beef cattle that can survive colder winters than men). Evenors ride ponies and mules, which are bred locally. Evenors also keep sheep in the commonly-held, stonewalled High Pasture on the edge of the Stonelands. Evenors gather every six days for a market, bringing produce that is often snapped up by passing caravans.

The village is a favorite stopover for overland caravans, most of which are led by men who are good friends of Dunman Kiriag, who keeps one of the best inns found anywhere. On many soft, summer evenings, dozens of caravan masters can be seen fishing from the Starwater bridge and enjoying a pipe or two. Their men usually bathe in one of the Starwater's swimming holes to drive off the dust and sweat of the road, put on their best, and slip out to The Low Lantern for some latenight fun.

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