Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Social life in Eveningstar

Eveningstar is a location where many have come to relax. People come from all over to enjoy a stroll, a tankard or two at The Lonesome Tankard, and a evening of dancing at The Low Lantern.

More than once, there have been nobles from outside the region moved to shed his or her disguise there, usually overcome with the shear beauty of the village.

Visitors accustomed to the late or all-night hours kept in many cities are often disappointed to find that except for the inns, The Low Lantern, and the temple, Eveningstar completely closes down early at night. Farm folk here eat heavily and go to bed early, to rise with or before the dawn and get out into the fields again. Many nap at highsun (noon), making the early afternoon another quiet time in the village.

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