Friday, November 25, 2016

As told below ... holding a group together these days is nothing less than pure murder. Jobs, relationships and just being adults with lives makes it near impossible to maintain a steady gaming group. We have went through numerous other people that have come and gone (and don't misunderstand me)
I am glad to have had them be part of our group but in the end there have been two people who have stood beside me since day one and those two people are Joseph and Jennifer Rhoden.

This husband and wife combo has been an awesome pair of people to have the honor of gaming with. It's a rare thing in life when you find people with common interests as you and remains friends for as many years as we have been friends. I figure with all of this being said these two deserve to be able to play, even if it's in a two player adventure, so I have worked up something just for them and we will see if this thing plays out in a fun way. Down the road if others want to join in, we will insert them into the group as we play. Stay Tuned!

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