Thursday, August 24, 2017

You guys have no idea how much myself and my two remaining players miss this game. We have been down so long I almost forgot how to roll a 20 sided ..... almost lol. So much has happened with us, I am not even sure where to begin ........ Well, noone is dead thank god all is well, everyone is alive and kicking. Lets start with myself. I have made a major life change, and moved to a brand new location which I am actually very very happy with. I just now got everything together where I can consider myself 100% moved into my new place.
The three of us have decided we are giving up on trying to hold a local group together and have all agreed that we should take our gaming to the digital world and give that a try. None of us have done any type of RPGing online so this will be a first for all of us. We want to start with myself as DM and Joe and Jennifer as players and get the adventure started.

From after the first session I will post our gaming session videos to the public and pick two more players up. Currently we are waiting on my husband and wife player combo to get new fiber optic internet which should be within a month maybe two so stay tuned, we have not went anywhere guys.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Content Information: The Lost Realms
I have gotten several emails from followers of this blog asking about specific areas in my homebrew setting mostly due to me not having everything detailed myself. So what I thought I would do is do a post with detailed information covering my homebrew setting and what is going on in those areas.

After this initial post, everytime I add anything new to this post, I will delete this post and repaste it with the additional information in a brand new post so everyone gets a notification of new content being added to my blog, so without further delays .......

As of Right Now: Current Map - Right Click/Open New Window (Expands the Map)
Right click above map, open in new window then click the map to enlarge.

This section of land has been greatly inspired by Middle-Earth. I like the idea of a large section of the map having two major cities controlling surrounding lands. Both not really allies with the other yet both threatened by the same evil, which is the lands of Darkhold located within the Dreadlands. The city of Mythos is basically symbolizing what Gondor is within Middle-Earth and Rowin Symbolizes what Rohan is in Middle-Earth, neither being strong enough by themselves to fight off the forces of the Dreadlands.

The Dreadlands is basically a homebrewed Mordor full of Orcs, Elite Orcs and other foul creatures and beasts. A future "epic" campaign adventure will take place here in the future pretty much running like the Lord of the Rings trilogy did but with a different storyline.

A Middle-Earth theme region of land was added to my homebrew simply because I love Middle-Earth and all six Middle-Earth movies and want to let my players experience something similar to the movies for themselves. More details will be added to the map as I develope the setting.

This region is why the Lost Realms setting is pretty much consisting of regions of lands all broken up into sections. Many years in the past the Gods rose up against the One God who was trying to destroy the realms in order to lash out at the other Gods by destroying there children.

The One God was far more powerful than the other Gods so the pantheon formed an alliance and defeated the One God, magically trapping him beneath the massive oceans. The agreement was once the One God was put down, the dieties would no longer get directly involved with the affairs of mortals. This entire event is now known as "the Sundering". More details will be added to the map as I develope the setting.

This region was inspired by the World of Dragonlance. The Darkenwood as shown on this map is basically going to be identical to the Darken Wood on Krynn. The Wizards of High Sorcery will of course not be here, but instead this will be the home to the native Elves of this setting. The Elven capital city is also underground, located inside the mountain range .... I guess you could say it is similar to how the Elves are in Middle-Earth.

Yes I know ... another Middle-Earth reference, but hey, who doesn't like Middle-Earth? After the Sundering was over with, the Elves enclosed themselves within the borders of Darkenwood effectively closing themselves off from the world. More details will be added to the map as I develope the setting.

This section will be consisting of independent cities, towns and villages. Hommlet will be the starting location that kicks off a future epic adventure starting with Temple of Elemental Evil. Possibly including the Slace Lords modules, as well as moving into the Giant trilogy, the Drow Elf trilogy and finishing everything off with Queen of the Demonweb Pits.

This is a work in progress mind you, but it will eventually happen .... and as you might tell, This region will be inspired by the World of Greyhawk setting.

The next section will detail how I plan to run this series of adventures. More details will be added to the map as I develope the setting.

This will be the region that the above mentioned adventures will take place in. In the end I plan to have a large scale war basically set up exactly how the Greyhawk Wars storyline ran. This will be a massive affair orchestrated by the Drow of the Underdark.

The Drow will organized Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Giants and other mean nasty beats and wage a massive war on the eastern section of the Realms. Many details to still be worked out. More details will be added to the map as I develope the setting. I plan to have the Drow Elves be a major driving force for evil within the Lost Realms, and I have even thought of doing an actual Drow adventure, where the players play Drow Elves that eventually leave the Drow population and flee to the surface, but this is a long way off. The Drow Elf City of Erwyndran is basically going to be a spitting image of Menzoberranzan from the Forgotten Realms. I figure if I want to have Drow Elves, why not model them off of the badest Drow Elves around.

More Information Coming Soon!