Monday, June 26, 2017

You guys have no idea how much myself and my two remaining players miss this game. We have been down so long I almost forgot how to roll a 20 sided ..... almost lol. So much has happened with us, I am not even sure where to begin ........ Well, noone is dead thank god all is well, everyone is alive and kicking. Lets start with myself. I have made a major life change, and moved to a brand new location which I am actually very very happy with. I just now got everything together where I can consider myself 100% moved into my new place.
The three of us have decided we are giving up on trying to hold a local group together and have all agreed that we should take our gaming to the digital world and give that a try. None of us have done any type of RPGing online so this will be a first for all of us. We want to start with myself as DM and Joe and Jennifer as players and get the adventure started.

From after the first session I will post our gaming session videos to the public and pick two more players up. Currently we are waiting on my husband and wife player combo to get new fiber optic internet which should be within a month maybe two so stay tuned, we have not went anywhere guys.

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